OTTO V2-10288 Evolution Remote Speaker Microphone ICOM

OTTO V2-10288
Brand: OTTO
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Product Description

OTTO V2-10278 Evolution Remote Speaker Microphone ICOM

Evolution Speaker Mic, with coil cord, volume control and 2.5mm earphone jack

The Evolution speaker microphone has a tailored, environmental design that offers both mobility and stability during routine or vigorous conditions. The preferred remote speaker microphone for the public safety sector, it is also used by military forces, government security and military police who depend on ultimate clarity and calculated safety for training exercises, event coordination detail, and high security operations. Communicate without interference,and with different groups. The evolution is small, lightweight and is compatible with a variety of radio makes and models.

Features :

  • Durable design and construction to meet MIL-STD-810 specs
  • Fully sealed to meet harsh conditions like 40 mph blowing rain
  • Heavy-duty cable assembly with strain relief for demanding applications
  • Two-position volume control for operation in various noise environments
  • 2.5mm earphone jack for optional earphone accessories
  • Clothing spring clip which can be positioned 360 degrees
  • Optional emergency button and antenna connector models
  • Modular internal design to facilitate field repair


cs.pngCompatible with ICOM F3G/F4G, F3GS/F4GS, F11, F14, F14S, F24, F24S, F31, F33G/F43G, F43TR, F3000/4000, F3001/4001, F3003/4003, F3011/F4011, IC-F3021/4021, F3021S/4021S, F3021T/4021T, F3041/4041, F3101/4101, F3041/4041, BC100