OTTO V4-HN2CS3B Hurricane Lightweight Headset for ICOM

Brand: OTTO
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Product Description

OTTO V4-HN2CS3B Hurricane Lightweight Headset for ICOM

Lightweight behind-the-head headset with dual speaker, 29dB reduction, with standard PTT, 2.5mm pigtail for remote ptt, and NoisEz noise reduction eartips

The Hurricane II series headset is designed to provide the performance of a heavy duty headset in a high noise environment without all of the weight and bulk. The dual ear loops ship standard with NoisEz Ear Tips, offering NRR rating of 29dB, delivering advanced protection against dangerous decibel levels. The user can easily convert the headset for use in a low noise environment by simply switching out the ear tips. The close fitting headset can be worn comfortably under a helmet or cap.

Features :

  • Standard PTT
  • NoisEz eartips
  • 2.5mm PTT for remote push to talk options
  • Behind-the-head style headset with dual ear inserts 
  • Noise reduction with NoisEz Ear Tips (29dB) 
  • Multiple ear insert options included 
  • Ear tips are non-toxic, non allergenic 
  • Easily converts from high noise to low noise environment 
  • Flexible noise-canceling boom microphone with replaceable windscreen 

cs.pngCompatible with ICOM F11, F11S, F14, F14S, F21, F21S, F24, F24S, F33GS, F33GT, F43GS, F43GT, F43TR, F3021/F4021, F4029SDR, F43GS, F43GT, F43TR, F3003/F4003, F3021/F4021, F4029SDR, F3001/F4001,F3011/F4011, F3021, F3101/F410 (CS) 2.5/3.5mm Right Angle Over-molded Connector, 2 Screws